Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sags in the northern hemisphere

Today's astronomy column in the local paper tells us:  "This week is a good one to look for the constellation is difficult to imagine these stars as a centaur, so most stargazers look for a pattern of stars known as the Teapot."

Which all goes to show that the best Sags are Englishwomen...Sags unite, this means you, honorary Englishwoman,MAJ!

Not that I've ever seen either centaur or teapot, since once the constellation is high enough in our sky to see, which is never very high, either trees or rain or cloud cover gets in the way. 

Last time I was able to see any of the Perseid shower in August was about forty years ago, lying in a deckchair in the backyard.  I always thought shower meant shower, but in astronomical terms it means one falling star out of the corner of your eye about every twenty three minutes..not a shower to a carbon based life form such as I, more of an occasional event if you're lucky.

This sudden kindling of interest in the sky comes from it's finally clearing up after many and sundry weather events, real showers, letting us see a second full moon in one calendar month.  Not sure why this is exciting, since the lunar month is a different length and it's statistically bound to happen now and then, but it does feel like a bonus.

Naturally the Dollivers had to get in on the act, and rapidly scanned the astronomy column, then migrated swiftly to the astrology column in search of their fortunes. 
But to their chagrin, translation, screams of rage and disappointment, found there is NO Dolliver constellation or sign!  I tried to explain how the signs work but was shouted down and bowed to the pressure to create a Dolliver Constellation, rising in the armchair near the eastern sky this morning, amid a sea of stars all tiny in comparison, of course.

Elton struck up the piano
with a great medley of songs, ranging from Stars in your eyes, to Starry, Starry Night, to Smoke gets in Your Eyes (no connection, he just loves it and slips it in when nobody's looking).  He and LittleDoll point out that they are Geminis and Gs don't believe in astrology.


Anonymous said...

We are far enough north, clear sky, that we see Orion when it has risen, hangs outside our window all winter long, Big Dipper, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and the Perseids, sometimes quite a few falling stars, other years rare as hen's teeth. We were surprised to see the "super" moon this past spring, which teased the coyotes and alarmed the cats, one of whom (a cat) sits on the furniture and howls to the moon when it is full, a vestige of his early days out on the reserve. J in Cowtown

ari_1965 said...

I finally got to see a blue moon a couple of days ago. Of course, I've seen them before, of course, I just didn't know they were blue moons at the time. So those don't count.

In terms of sky furniture, you don't see much here in Burnsville, MN. Every time I spot something, it turns out to be a satellite. But the sunset last night was spectacular. Red sky at night, sailors' delight. The sun itself looked like a molten penny. And the reds in the sky lasted a long, long time.

The Dollivers don't want to get in the habit of rushing to read the astrology column. It's only one step from that to having your favorite part of the newspaper be the advice column because the people who write in are so clueless that you look wise in comparison.

Ash said...

Delightful post if I do say so myself. I love the full moon no matter when it comes, it lights up the night and make me feel safer when I come in late from work while it is peaking down at me.

The D's are quite adorable, and equally as naughty!

annie1931 said...

Your Dollivers' new constellation will be a welcome addition - I can see bright bright stars in the east northeast, so will be on the lookout for this one. Blackouts are no fun for citizens, but oh how wonderful it is to see the denizens of the night sky.


dogonart said...

Checked the "blue"

Checked my horoscope since you mentioned same. Bright career ahead of have to practice the Harp I think.