Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 11, one year now complete for my little family

Yesterday I was too exhausted to write anything.  Between the memories of the original 9.11 and the weather which was exactly as it was on that awful day, and the first anniversary of scattering HP's ashes, I crashed.  A friend, knowing all the significance, and an old friend of HP, came to visit a while in the afternoon, and endorsed the idea of simply collapsing for a while. 

But I did get my farmshare, though I couldn't work on it till today, except to cut up and cube a great canteloupe, and I did go out to play lovely Elizabethan recorder music in the evening, which took my mind very effectively off everything but fiercely concentrating and trying to get all the notes in and remembering the fingering for the rarely used (by me) high notes, and seeing my recorder buds for the first time since June.  So that worked.

Then today, much better, all the farmshare cooked (stuffed cabbage, much better with my own recipe this time) and a great invention which involved the remains of the stuffing stirfried with fresh corn kernels and ripe tomatoes, for lunch.  In the middle of all this cooking frenzy, I ran across the street and left a couple of ears of corn with a neighbor, to his great satisfaction. 

What I Stuffed My Cabbage With:  brown rice, all cooked ahead, unlike that glackily NYT cookbook which thinks you can gently simmer it in chicken broth and have it worth eating, anyway, where was I, oh yes:  rice, plus large amounts of corn kernels newly cut off the cob, onions, garlic, finely chopped frying peppers, turmeric,  dill and thyme pesto, tomato paste,  kosher salt, sharp cheddar, swoosh of Worcestershire sauce, worked very nicely.  And after the cabbage leaves were all stuffed and wrapped and in the freezer, there was stuffing left over, it never comes out even. 

So, fresh tomatoes and more corn kernels, added in to the leftover stuffing,  and it made a really nice lunch even without the cabbage.  More for tomorrow, too.

And this afternoon a reunion with my bookgroup, after the summer off, and this evening I go out and stitch and stitch with my embroidery group.  It's all go!


  1. Wow, sounds like you needed a good collapsing day before all that kitchen activity. As always, your cooking sounds very nice.

  2. you are allowed to collapse from time to time. You have held up so well this past year, so many changes in your life, I think most people would wobble. Onward and upwards, at least you still have the energy to create

  3. Agree (as uuual) with Minimiss. A sad time but glad you were able to recover your balance with a little music a little cooking etc.

  4. Cooking and music are both food for the soul so you did exactly the right thing.


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