Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Dollivers Advise Boud on the Proper Exercise of her Franchise

Absentee ballot arrived today. Never let it be said that the election powers that be leave anything to the last minute.  This is for the November election. Gives me plenty of time to study the public questions on ways the state would like to spend my money, as well as all the candidates, from President to minicipal lightbulb changer.

The Dollivers, of course, scrutinized the ballot to see if there was a party they could weigh in on, and finding no Dolliver Dems nor GOPs, pointed out that there's a write in section I could use to vote for them as a group.  NameMe also observed that it's in Spanish, too, always a point for her.  I explained that for one thing names don't change substantially to another language when you vote, and that the second thing was that all my picks are made, and sorry, no Dollivers this time around. But I commended them on their seriousness about the franchise.

An outcry of Dolliver suppression! arose, and I had to signal Elton to pound out Happy Days are Here Again, and It's a Grand Old Flag, and the Red, White and Blue,  and, here all joined in, This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.

And I realized that here's another first: first time in many years I haven't assisted HP to do his ballot -- he filled in the blanks, I just held the paper in place so it didn't skid away.  A good citizen,he voted just as long as he was able to decipher the ballot and make his choices.


  1. I was a little confused about the last song "This Land is My Land This Land is Your Land", because I thought it was a Canadian song - why would they be singing about Canada? Wrong - it was yours before it was ours. Our verses go "This Land is My Land this land is your land from Bonavista to Vancouver Island, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes waters..." I suppose the Dollivers could sing both renditions as they are such a talented lot. Wishing you all the best in your upcoming election - J in Cowtown

  2. We Canadians are a touchy lot, aren't we? We are, of course, fascinated watching the gyrations of the Presidential election. It seems much more intersting than our own somewhat humdrum performances. Of course from time to time we lose a whole political party when the results are posted. On top of which nobody seems to have voted for the winner !!

  3. I'm actually very surprised that the D's are interested in politics - I thought they were too busy squabbling over who gets new duds next. Who knew?

  4. They forgot to get tricked out in their Victorian suffragette dresses this time around, but the new chair took their minds off duds long enough to indulge in political talk. And I can always count on Elton these days to provide a distraction.


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