Friday, September 14, 2012

Croque monsieur, aka this is all your doing, Jean C!

As I have mentioned rather too frequently, I have avoided baking bread for months during the hot weather.  Then a few days ago Jean C., a great cook, sent me the WS catalog, full of great food pix, utensils, all kinds of kitchen items, and recipes, wonderfully photographed, of course.

Including a very nice looking croque monsieur, a posh cheese and tomato sandwich, really, with a bit of ham, and a nice cheese sauce.  So I just had to bake bread in order to have the bread for the recipe.  And here you see the happy results.  Two slices of fresh homebaked bread, browned in butter and olive oil, sharp cheddar added to cook along, then cheese sauce spooned over once it's on the plate, followed by grape tomatoes sliced and sauteed, and added on top.  Nice glass of chablis.  Perfect late summer supper.

Note the loaf posing shyly in the background, taking credit for the whole thing.

The only thing is that, being a very rare eater of meat, there was no ham in the house, so this is a croque monsieur without the monsieur.  Sayings about fish and bicycles come to mind...


  1. Looks delicious! Melted is the only form in which I will eat cheese, and the absence of ham? It's your kitchen and table, after all, go for it! Yes, what a beautiful publication WS puts out and you can subscribe to it in the U.S. I can only pick it up at the store in Calgary, but don't go all that often. Too many things to tempt! Jean in Cowtown

  2. Looks very good. I'm glad Loaf pushed itself forward a little. It's easy to be overlooked when Cheese comes to town.

  3. Looks delicious. Everything I love. Very hard to beat melted cheese and tomatoes.

  4. Please do enlighten us who have no clue what a WS catalog is??? Seeing your shy loaf of bread brings to mind the fact that we bought a beautiful head of cauliflower today with soup in mind...and maybe a loaf of bread too!!

  5. WS is williams Sonoma, that very pricey but lovely place!


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