Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dollivers celebrate the Autumn Equinox

The Ds have decided that summer is done, and it's time to settle down in the conservatory for a cool weather period of bickering, advising Boud of their Fall wardrobe requirements, and singing along to Elton's selections, and, just in time, a great Freecycle came our way.  This is a rocker, but it glides, safe for passing cat paws, and the Ds decided this was their new Good Thing.

And LittleDoll is gratified, because when I washed it down and had to tip it over to dry it, the words Made In Canada appeared!  she pointed out that it was high time some nice Canadian things, aside from her, appeared around here, to add to the carved wood deer, long ago gift of sister I., and the postcards and other interesting items that come in now and then.

So I tiptoed away leaving them singing O Canada, and Deep In the Heart of Alberta, and Stars Fell on Nova Scotia, Elton's adaptations to the moment.  But if they think we're doing two Thanksgivings, that October one as well as the November one, well, they may be a little mistaken there.


  1. I believe the D's should have two thanksgivings - one (October) for the lovely farm produce you've had this year and the other (November) because the election is over, thankfully.
    The food for thgv #1 should be vegetarian Shepherds Pie and thgv #2 could be whatever you normally have and call it Presidential ?

  2. House-mates, no matter how loveable, can become very demanding at times. You stick to your guns young Liz.

  3. I don't know, two Thanksgivings, why not? We tried that once here, our traditional Oct., then your American celebration. Problem was it was winter, snow and all, by the time we did up yours, did not feel like autumn at all, so with no tree up yet, no Christmas decorations, no guests, just the three of us and a bird felt like we'd missed out on something. Turkey at any other time of the winter is fine, but the two Thanksgivings of that year will not be repeated. J in Cowtown


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