Saturday, September 22, 2012

Festival of the Arts 2012

What a success this was!  despite techy challenge on my part -- went there once, took two pix, camera battery went dead, returned home, came back with backup battery, why didn't I just take it with me, who knows, anyway, returned, took more pix and as I was about to pic old friend Bill Bauer at the piano, my memory card indicated it was all filled up, sorry....hastily deleting a couple of old pix, I made room for Bill and for the Best in Show People's Award winner, Kathleen Liao, of the Plainsboro Artists Group,  for whom I'm happy to say I voted!

I have now ordered two new bigger memory cards.  And once again wished fervently that humans came with insertible memory cards to prop up their failing faculties.

Meanwhile, many old and new friends on the scene, possible new members for the Embroiderers' Guild, and you'll see CoPresident Debi taking a break from her stitching to create a bracelet in Chinese knotting, wonderful music all afternoon, indoors and out, great art show and fun People's Choice voting, Chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting, giant weaving thanks to Scout troop, totem pole painting (cardboard cores from carpet rolls) found object art, Chinese knotted jewelry, Memory Bank of the township, outdoor clothesline art installation by Tatiana, mandalas by Julia,seen with little son on her lap, patiently painting the latest mandala,  jewelry making,  yo-yo demos by Chinese youth group, marbelizing, and there were probably many more events that escape my feeble memory.  Oh yes, Chinese artist inscribing a bookmark with Heather's name transliterated into Chinese -- this involved some hurried consultations with Iris C and other Chinese speakers fluent in English, to figure out the nearest symbols to those sounds unknown in Chinese! The bookmark will be on its way soon.  And lego building for little guys.  Stained glass. Food, too, don't forget the food.

Huge event, great success, thank you  Donna, Julie, Carol, Meena, and many many other people who all made it work.  Hundreds of volunteer hours in addition to very classy professional work from all the  library staff,  who looked composed and happy all day, while juggling the organizational equivalent of knives and flaming torches!  well, what can I say.  It was a wonderful day.


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all, great weather, too, the kind of day makes you glad to be alive! J in Cowtown

  2. Looks absolutely fabulous and you had great weather too. I would have had a ball it I had been there. Well done to all. Great pics too.

  3. these are wonderful pictures, I think you've captured the real spirit of the thing, and you should be commended for taking the time and trouble to go back to get the memory card so this could be done.

    (don't use the card as the only storage, I trust you transfer these to the computer...)

  4. That lovely bookmark is safely in my hands - thank you so much! It's beautiful!

  5. This looks like a totally fun time from beginning to end. Thank you for making the trek home to get the needed camera bits so you could share with us.


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