Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late breaking twins! read on...

Remember my spring trip to the alpaca farm with my embroidery friends?

  go here:


for exciting late news -- Kizzy is one of the alpacas we met, and Commodore is the one we had to be a little careful around, since he's not keen on having his territory invaded.

Note the total calm and competence of the approach, this is her all over!  be sure and watch the video if you're okay with accounts of birth.  No pix of the birth, they were way too busy officiating, but a great narration.


  1. Like all babies, they are so cute and a very happy ending to the story. Well done Kizzy.

  2. amazing, and what a bonus baby

  3. awwww - such cute little ones. There's an alpaca farm not too far from us and I always look forward to seeing the babies as we drive by.


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