Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chop wood, carry water, cut fabric, Part XXV

This morning I spent a fair amount of time in the studio, doing various things, such as climbing up and closing the skylight, now that the nights are cooler, and remembering to bring up water for the Boston fern on the big windowsill up there, and leaving a supply for next time, too.

Then I turned to what I originally went up for, which was to find and cut up exotic fabrics for use on the Earthloom next week at the Festival of the Arts, Saturday.  I had all kinds of sequined and brocaded stuff via Freecycle, and more muted batiked cotton, all interesting for weaving in as highlights.  So I'll bring this along next week and add it to the Loom Stash.  If I'm guessing correctly, it won't be long before kids insist on weaving in the sequined and glittery bits!

If you want to see the resulting weaving materials, go here

And if you're within traveling distance, heck, just come and join in!  no end of art related fun, music, dance, food, painting, baskets, embroidery, an art show to cast your vote on, and the centerpiece: the Earthloom.


  1. Oh yes, the kids will love the shiny stuff and that's exactly what I would be going for if I were within shouting distance.

  2. Shiny stuff? Oooh - the bestest to play with!


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