Monday, August 27, 2012


Diamond is one of my favorite words, along with crystal. I like opal, too, named one of my parakeets Opal, largely because of his iridescent (another fave word) plumage.

All this came to mind after a massive huge scary storm today, complete with cracking thunder and lightning, caught me under an arcade at the supermarket, no umbrella, had to wait it out before trudging through four inches of water across to my car, very disgruntled about my shoes, but I digress.

Eventually it cleared up and, home again, and out on the patio I righted plants that had been blown all over one side, and noticed that the pony palm had a great diamond necklace.  To see it is to picture it. So I did, for your viewing pleasure.  Click to see better.


  1. I can imagine how pretty that looks with the sun shining on it. Ain't nature grand?

  2. I love diamonds, too. (not the bits of crystalized carbon--but..) I love that life had ground me down--and put me hard to the wheel--and I too, sparkle as a result.

    Who wants to be well rounded like a river stone--all the edges worn away from passively sitting there?

    It was hard being ground down--but Oh how I sparkle as a result. (do you get a rainbow too? we had a fleeting one in queens (same storm--an hour or so later in the day)

  3. Very pretty. How nice to get a picture of it before it went away.

    Sorry about the shoes. Will they recover?

  4. Oddly enough, I am not a diamond lover - give me sapphires any day. Having said that, I do like the sparkling droplets of rain. I, too, am wondering if your shoes will ever be the same!


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