Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Praise of Life and Corn Fritters

The hot sunny day, cheerful farm lady and friendly neighbors, and the,literally, wagon, of produce my farmshare produced today reminded me to celebrate life!

And corn fritters.

And today I celebrate the birthday of Handsome Son, born at 4.50 a.m. this day quite a few years ago. As moms know, the previous day is full of memories, too!  but once I met him, it was all so worth everything.  Handsome Partner left us this day a year ago, but would be so happy to see how well HS is doing in his life, after the heroic work he did to help take care of his father without losing his own compass in the process.
He stayed with us for one last birthday with HS.
Happy Birthday HS!  and many many more.


  1. Happy birthday to HS, and congratulations to you too, you survived this past year, I know from your posts that at times its been hard but you have impressed me with your upbeat can do attitude. I hope your day isn't tinged with too much sadness

  2. Hippo birdies to HS and kind thoughts and memories of HP.

    Those corn fritters look delicious.


  3. Happy birthday indeed to HS, and hugs to you on what has to be a difficult happy/sad day.


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