Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Handsome Son came over to visit last evening, bringing with him some old photos from a visit brother V. made to us many years ago.  These are ancient film photos, so I shot them together, and if they have an antique aspect, well, don't we all.

We had a nice evening, drinking tea, eating that cucumber bread, which was warmly received, and hot biscuits with butter, and reconstructing memories of many years ago.  HS was about seven in these pix.  And he took the one with the three adults, first picture he ever took, which is why you see both parents in the middle of giving instructions (old fashioned 35 mm. camera, various buttons and levers) when the picture happened!  click to see better.

Nice evening, good memories.  And a way to remember both HP, whose first anniversary is very soon, and my brother.


  1. Love looking at old pics. They almost always bring back good memories.

  2. Old photos are such treasures. I sometimes wonder, in this age of digital, if there will be old photos for future generations to treasure.

  3. I love photos, too - and really miss having an album, after some time in the early 2000's, to leaf through. I put family pics that are my favourites in a folder and then quite often give myself a slide show. The girls have the same folder, so at least they are visible.

  4. Wonderful photos. Your brother was an amazing man according to my conversation with 'I'. Cherish the memories.
    aka Mrs Noofy.


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