Monday, August 6, 2012

Justice is seen to be done!

These are the dieffenbachia (late correction, thanks, Jean) I did that radical surgery on a while back. They're doing just fine, and love the patio.And the marigolds are liking the heat and the storms, I guess
Remember my lengthy, endless run-in with the company who cashed my check and never sent the goods, at least sent them to a fictitious address, then sent my refund to the same undeliverable address?  I referred the company to our local Bamboozled column as a general threat, and got instantaneous wonderful results.

Here's the Bamboozled column for today, scroll down and down and down, paying tribute to them and me!

This afternoon, after a long interval, I get to play trios with me music mates, and this evening have a choice of meetings, either the artists, or the discussion group.  I'll see what my energy level is before I decide -- artists are less demanding than discussers.

And I get to be the custodian of the houseplants (three philodendrons) and the mailbox key for my next door neighbors off to revisit India and catch up with family, and make a special side trip to see the Taj Mahal.  They explained that they felt it was high time, since they'd never seen it, having grown up in Mumbai, five hours' flight from Delhi, and from there you still have to get to Agra.  But this time they want to show it to their daughter who was a baby when they left India.

My neighbor on the other side cracked up about this, and said, well, I went to the Statue of Liberty for the first time since grade school, to show it to visitors last weekend!  so typical.  I'm always tickled when friends visit England and see every square inch of it in two weeks, and ask me what I think of Stonehenge, and Poets' Corner and other famous things I've never set eyes on!

Tomorrow is farmshare day, and will include eggplants which I will give to my friend across the street, newly back from India, and a vegetarian household.  She'll like them.


  1. Marigolds look great - they love the heat, don't they? But, aren't those other plants dieffenbachias? I used to grow them (pre-cats) - lucky you that your kitties leave them alone, mine would eat them and fall ill. J in Cowtown (p.s., good media coverage on your refund!)

  2. My goodness, what marvellous immediate results just by threatening! One of our papers used to have something like that but packed it in. Now you have to write the paper, and go through hoops before they'll even mention it.

    Plants look great! I put the condo's July and August plantings in Flickr...take a peek, they're ever so nice this year. I think the link gets you there!

  3. It was just that when I saw your original post I thought "those are draecena? Then what the heck was I growing?" I had a couple of crotons, too, beautiful splashes of colour, always a surprise. Your plants did really well with the separation and transplantation, obviously a green thumb at work. J in Cowtown

  4. Lovely plants (please come and attend to mine), great article and oh, for a trip to Agra. Amazing how many people go overseas to see things without having checked out their own country. DH and I have tried to cover quite a bit of NZ but would love to see me and go back to alot of the places we have already been to. I would also like to eventually do the big OE but that will require some serious funding.

  5. The article just proves that sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So many of us slink away and don't bother to tackle the big companies thinking we would get nowhere. Good for you!


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