Monday, June 4, 2012

The Dollivers Headline at the Art Exhibit

The Ds. showed up in force at the art opening this evening, joining a lot of artists and other friends, and a select group was assigned to attend a Dolliver, seen here gracing the scene.

It was a ton of fun, plenty of people came by, two of them committed to buy a piece, all had a great time.  The traveling journal showed up, too, and was duly handed on to the next participant, after everyone had time to open it up and admire and decide what to do.  Two people have now done entries, so it's moving along.

I was totally engaged with people and discussing the art and being photographed, so this is the only shot I got, and I was forbidden to take it, on the ground that I was supposed to be in it!  so the reportage is a bit short on images, but take it from me, it was a great party!  How many people have friends good enough sports to have a picture taken clasping a dolly?  I ask you.  Am I blessed or what?

Reading left to right: Shabnam with Dreads, Girija with Bette Davis, ze arteest, Stefi with Call me Michelle, Donna making NameMe wave, Maureen with Blondie Firstborn.


  1. Well, that's nice. You all look very sweet. Can we call this a Jubilee celebration?

  2. Fab photo. Pleased to hear the party went well and the Dollivers didn't try and take over the show.


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