Saturday, June 30, 2012

Martha S. Need Not Apply

The thing with a heatwave is that you have to be indoors more than usual, by a long way. Brief forays to shop in the early morning, to the mailbox in the afternoon, and you're done for the day. Particularly when your assigned parking place is in full sun all day. Currently north of 100 F. on the patio, so I'm not on the patio.

On the other hand, you can only do so much sorting of socks, so now and then you are forced to do a bit of Martha S. around the place. Just to keep up the tone.

Here, courtesy of various beaches and HS and other friends, is my shell collection, used to give a focal point with summery tints, well Martha might say that.

I'd just say it's a handy way to use a giant glass salad bowl and assemble, then see, the shells all at the same time.

And then there's the cool idea I happened on, while I was looking for something else.

I found my little collection of beach glass, so I abandoned what I was doing before, and went in search of a nice glass container, courtesy of Dogonart many years ago, I forget what it's original intent was, but it's been a home for teabags, raspberries in season, flowers, and now it's a neat holder of a tealight, courtesy of Ash, and the aforementioned beach glass.

Very nice on a hot summer's evening to have all the lights off except this one, while I watch an exciting Morse murder mystery.

Today I was planning to be packing an artwork to ship, from my show, only a crimp happened in the arrangements, when I discovered that the nice stout box and packing peanuts I'd carefully put aside for this purpose had evidently been taken for garbage by my cleaning people. They are usually wonderful at spotting what's art and what's garbage, and this is the first time they've goofed. So I have to start again with a new box...when I can get out to shop, after the heat breaks.

And then there's the paper molding nicely in the loft. Too hot to work up there, but the paper loves it, drying like a maniac. And the plans for more stitchery, adapting one of my own drawings. Brand new idea, nothing to show you yet, but I expect you'll be happy to wait!

Oh, and since I will be in company for tea a couple of time in the near future, I made a nice batch of lime squares, courtesy of MC's recipe card handwritten for me eons ago. Originally for lemon squares,but I thought since I had limes and no lemons, I'd try it. I sampled it and it's okay.


  1. Is that a recipe you are allowed to share?

  2. Like your tealight. Beach glass is one of my favourite things. TG for A/C eh? Just finished damp stretching embroidery and the blasted Royal Blue decided to run. Rats...not too big a piece... an exercise really. Will do over (tomrrow). Watching DVD Foyle's war tonight. Dear me I've almost written a blog. howzat?

  3. Lovely post! The sea shells do have a lovely summery feel to them and what you did with the tea light is whimsical and inspired. I too find beach glass quit fascinating.

    And what are these citrus squares, I find myself more than a little curious.

  4. I love beach glass too, have a bowl of it on my dresser. Hope you are managing to keep cool

  5. It has only just warmed up enough to walk outdoors without a jacket, though we need one after supper. I hope things cool off a bit for you to a more comfortable temp. - J in Cowtown

  6. That's a pretty way to display your sea glass. I imagine when iit's dark the candle light twinkles in the glass.


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