Friday, June 29, 2012

Men At Work

You know how you wonder what happens when the light fixtures in tall buildings need to be replaced, or just a new bulb installed.  Here's how they did it this week at our local libe.  The kind photographer taking pictures of my show for magazine purposes understood that we don't always have heavy equipment in evidence right next to the artworks...

But I really fancy one of these lift things.  Just think how handy it would be to reach the top shelf..I speak on behalf of height challenged people everywhere.


  1. oh, dear, oh, dear! I don't see any Personal Protection Equipment in use by these workers!!!

  2. Oh wow! What a cumbersome piece of equipment to have a library! And your show is going to be in a magazine, how wonderful is that! I hope to see some of these pictures in due course!

  3. I could do with one of those contraptions as I am definitely one of the vertically challenged. The only problem being that I am terrified of heights so probably wouldn't be able to take my hands off the hand-rail to select the book of my choice.


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