Monday, June 11, 2012

Gifts from all sides!

Today brought a cornucopia of a gift from dear A., who is a talented crafter in all kinds of media, and decided she would like me to have her latest handweaving, a scarf in a silk wool blend, created on a table loom. I took pictures, which don't do justice to the subtlety of the colors in it, many, all blending and changing as you watch. It feels wonderful against my neck, a big point with scarves, and is just a great gift.

A, generous as always, added in several other items, all of which are now in use! a pin with three little fairies, which I'm currently wearing, a designer soap, scent now filling the downstairs bathroom, and tealights, likewise giving off a lovely scent. Even the card that came with the presents is an artwork, a lovely print reproduction.

I made a couple of pix of the scarf, to show you just the general idea. You can't feel it, but take it from me, it's a treat.

See how it looks different on different backgrounds?

The whole package was a treat, and thank you for doing this, A! you're a star. I'll treasure it.


  1. It warms me that you enjoyed everything so much! You are welcome!

  2. Oh, that looks lovely. Silk fascinates me. You lucky thing and you deserve it.


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