Thursday, June 7, 2012

No good deed!

This is a great week chez moi.  What with the success of the art opening, and the sales I've made already, what a treat that is, a number of people stopped by and signed my visitors' book.  Including a delegation from my embroiderers' group.

Now, between you me and the thirty million people in forty five countries who read this blog, well, that's a slight exaggeration, but it's election season, where was I? oh yes,  I was about to say that I'd invited my embroidery friends to stop by, out of courtesy, because I was inviting people.

But I was quite shy about it, since they are so skilled, you should see their work, and so proficient in what they do, very fine projects, that I wondered if they'd throw me out of the group when they saw my wild and free embroidery. Anyway, they came, they saw, they loved it!  and even sent an email to the general membership to encourage them all to come and see for themselves.  And a mention in our official newsletter.  This is beyond great. 

And at last night's stitch-in, they asked if I would teach a workshop to the Guild next winter on freeform embroidery on silk!  turns out they didn't realize I had dyed the silk myself, and they had been searching for it in good fabric places. But I allowed as how I could dye them the pieces ahead of time in the studio, and then they could have the fun of the embroidery right away on the day of the workshop.  They seemed quite pleased about this, not being wild artists who dye anything that doesn't move and a few things that do...So this will be a huge treat, probably next winter.

I already ordered up the fabric -- found nice hand rolled and stitched China silk squares, just about right for their purpose, and the silk dyes, and the fixative and a bit of silk salt, for fun bursts of stuff.  I of course will have the life of Riley doing the dyeing, great fun, and it will be ready for their experiment.

So this worked out so much better than I might have imagined. No pix today, don't know how to take pix of excitement!


  1. Stitchers are such nice people. I got all exited with you at their reaction to your work. Typing this with a big grin on my face.

  2. Very big congrats! I can certainly understand why you are excited and the workshop attendees are excited too I'll bet.

  3. I am so excited that you are so excited. Nothing better than being told by the "experts" that you can do something they can't and would like you to share the skill. Wonderful!!

  4. What a treat! You deserve all of that and more, your art is stunning and very unique as well! I wish I could be in that class! It'll be a lovely one! Wishing you continued success!


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