Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer stitching and reading

Summertime and to stitchers the first thought is: ah, the light level is high enough for me to do the fine work. So I'm in the midst of several pieces, which I do depending on what mood I'm in! the turtle continues slowly as turtles do, if I feel like handling big fiber and big mesh, the nametag piece is filling in nicely, soon I'll be putting my name and guild name on it, metal thread couched on, and this week I embarked on a bit of blackwork.

Very old embroidery artform, and I've adapted it to what I feel up to. Regular single strand of polyester sewing thread, number 8 crewel needle, lawn handkerchief. I adapted the bird shape from a traditional work, and added in the branches and flowers freeform. This is great summer work, and the recent heatwave which is almost gone, just down to high 80s now, was an indoor opportunity for stitching.

And for reading and rereading. I don't look for a challenge in the summer, but get out my old Allinghams and Sayers and reread, and get DVDs from the libe to watch Albert Campion and Lugg, and Peter Wimsey and Bunter. I never wanted to marry Albert nor Peter, unlike a lot of women readers.

I wanted to be them! just think, wealth, position, but not prominence, adventures which you can buy your way out of if necessary, and always the faithful manservant. That's the part I like best. I'd love to have someone unobtrusively pressing and hanging my clothes, cooking my breakfast, bringing in the mail, fending off visitors and letting in welcome ones, and best of all, arranging all the travel requirements.

Peter wants to go to Nice? he just instructs Bunter to do it all. Inquiries, tickets, packing, transporting, porters, taxis, Peter just gets to smoke and ride. Perfect. And Albert even has a man who talks back and gives him no end of innocent merriment.

That's my fantasy. Of course there are actual ordinary men not financially wealthy, in this world who get all this done, and other privileges besides, and they are the lucky married ones...wife as Bunter, you might say.

Or as a secretary of mine used to say: I hope there's reincarnation, because I'm putting in to come back as a man!


  1. I have more than once, in other marriages, commented that I wanted a wife.

    I hear you.

  2. Heh

    I so agree and to this end designated one room in my house the "Butler's pantry". Unfortunately, it somehow morphed into the "laundry room" and place where messy painty stuff is done. The Butler never showed up.

  3. I can buy into your fantasy quite happily. I have often said I need a maid so I can have more time to be creative, but maybe I should amend that to someone tall, dark and handsome.

  4. Embroidery is coming along nicely. I love blackwork - how the different fillers have such an effect on the whole.

  5. Love the workings and I agree with you and your former secretary! I would love to be a wealthy man with little need to handle the details so I am definitely first to order up a manly shell for my next incarnation.


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