Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Farmshare Day

Today was my CSA pickup day, and despite the weather which caused flood warnings, and some floods, fortunately none between me and the farm, I made it there. Pausing to chat with the farmstand lady who was busy tilting over plants and flowers to try and drain them off a bit, I picked up today's bushel basket.

Heavenly last strawberries, this must be the best year ever, all huge and full of flavor, along with cut dill and Italian parsley and basil, and a big bag of edible pod peas. Since the weather was pretty cool, and the peas were just past the point where they are sweet enough to eat uncooked, I said to myself, self, how about you try making soup with these?

Which I did, saving a few out for salad. I made the usual base -- olive oil with onions sauteed in it, but no garlic, too heavy for the flavor of fresh peas in the pod -- and for broth used a carton of water I'd used last time I steamed peas, and froze for just this kind of use, just a dash of salt, simmered it all gently a while, then blended it to get the texture broken down, then strained it to remove the extra fibers, and leave it all smooth and beautiful.

Spoonful of plain yogurt to add sharpness, homemade hot biscuit on the side. Perfect supper for a summer evening. Just beautiful. Nice glass of white wine to go with. Served on the table I made from the glass top of an old patio table, rested on the stand for my keyboard, hand hemmed tablecloth and napkin, tres posh. All my own work!


  1. It sounds (and looks) simply lovely! Lately I have determined to make eating a special time for myself and yours surely sounds inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum!!! The next best thing to eating them raw!


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