Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Summer Weekend, another picnic

Last Sunday it was my embroidery friends, picnic indoors, on account of stormy weather out there, wonderful food, great chat, much viewing of excellent needlework, and a talk with a member I had not really met before. This was a real high point, since she is literally the only person I've met in decades who had studied both classical Greek and Latin, and we banged on for ages about it, and the various verb voices in Greek, and how it makes our own language all the more powerful, knowing many of the origins,and so on. What a huge treat and a great surprise.

Did I mention that on the trip to the alpaca farm with the same group, I had an Angela sighting? in the car there one of my fellow riders asked me if I had a sister or cousin, or maybe even a twin, living around here.

She'd noted my first name, realized I wasn't Angela, but someone who looked like her, and we had a wonderful trip screaming with laughter about the various Angela sightings,complete with people who ended up getting mad at one or other of us for not being the other! the fact that our voices are exactly similar, pitch, accent, everything, only confuses the issue even further. And of course the one time I met her we were both far too English to go asking rude questions, so I'm no wiser as to whether we are in fact distantly related! this caused gales of laughter among my outgoing colleagues!

So today, another weekend, another pickanick, to quote Yogi Bear. This time it was the recorder players, who all trooped out to a nearby historic park, and played in the pavilion, in consort groups then all together, before diving into a great potluck dinner. Some people came whom we haven't seen in years, great treat. Anyway, I took many pix, for the society's website, and thought I'd share some with you.

Some days I feel as if my life is one long lovely party!


  1. Looks like you all had a good time, well done. Music always sounds wonderful outside, doesn't it? We happened upon an outdoor wedding at the Banff Springs Hotel one summer Saturday, complete with a string quartet. We stood quietly by, listening, as did a crowd of about 20 others. Nice wedding, beautiful bride, music was to die for. And yes, I've had that Angela thing happen, too, people insist they know my sister, the one who is a teacher or a nurse, but no sister exists in my life. Actually have had some people argue they know me from somewhere. Strange and funny at the same time. - Jean in Cowtown

  2. What a lovely looking place for a pickanick/pot-luck and some music. You can't keep taking all the pics though because we would like to see you in some of them.

  3. You mean you are not really Angela. Good grief...

  4. Sounds like you had a great time!Thanks for bringing us along with you!


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