Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dollivers and Friend painting en plein air

The Ds. sandbagged dear Maureen J. to join us on a painting expedition to the same park with the lake where I used to take Handsome Partner, when he was still able to get into my car.

They made sure they were remembered, organizing themselves into their carrying bag along with my painting gear.

It was good to be back in that park, with the lake, birds, lovely peaceful spot, old trees giving plenty of shade. Handsome Partner loved to sit by the water here, watching birds.

Today we were only slightly deterred by the fact that the benches I planned for us to sit on in the shade were this very day being painted, and still wet when we got there. I guess the township thought it was a good day for painting, just as we did. Of all the parks and all the benches and all the times I've been there before, etc.

We'd had a nice lunch locally, so we were ready to work.

Maureen J held the two Ds.,like babies, for a brief photo op, to please their fans, and they appreciated the consideration,before they got down to serious artwork.

Maureen, being a considerable artist herself, set up in her car for her painting, since sitting on the fence didn't appeal. But I stuck it out sitting on the fence, most unusual for me, amid cries of dismay from the Ds.

Note the arteest berets they are wearing for this adventure.

Bette Davis claimed the painting, more me, my dear, and Blondie Firstborn preferred the sensitive lines of the drawing..they pointed out that though I'd arranged good weather, I had totally fallen down on the issue of the benches, where they'd planned to pose and paint and that. Everyone's a critic.


  1. How dare the powers that be decide to paint the benches the D's wanted to pose on! I'm sure they will be writing all sorts of letters of complaint to the township.

  2. I suppose there had to be something to add a bit of flavor to the day! What a treat.


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