Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day puttering about

I did my Memorial Day observation on Saturday, by walking the labyrinth in honor of the war dead and one veteran in particular, the father of a friend, this veteran having died just a few hours earlier, so today I'm doing other things.

Hot humid thundery weather required food that fits. Such as plain yogurt with a lovely strawberry sauce spooned over -- the rest of this week's strawberry farmshare, mashed gently and cooked for a minute with brown sugar, then cooled -- with the contrasting Bad Food hotdog and trimmings.

And between bouts of knitting a hoodie for a Dolliver, in alpaca yarn, I struggled to make a drawing. To see why it was a struggle, and how I eventually emerged from it (!), go to Sorry about the low tech -- blogger is incapable of completing a link today. Many many attempts have failed. Sigh.

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