Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dollivers Welcome Their Canadian Cousin

Just arrived from Canada, is my Lucky Penny Doll, created by sister Dogonart, and introduced to the Dollivers who are a bit puzzled about this. They have dolls in Canada, too? we thought dolls were only in New Jersey...

Elton is thinking about a new medley to play in her honor, probably Oh, You Beautiful Doll, and Canadian Capers, for a start..

And the Ds. are getting ready for a Big Expedition on Sunday, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, click to enlarge for a better view of Lucky Penny, and to help me figure out a good name for her.


ari_1965 said...

I feel strongly that the newcomer is named Miss Avis.

I like the Dollivers in their impress-the-guest hats. But I'm not too sure about Miss Butterfly McQueen Hattie McDaniel Dolliver's hat. There's a hint of Eskimo about it. I think she needs something wide-brimmed, the kind of hat that interferes with the view of anyone sitting behind her. It should have bunch of cherries or a budgie on it, so when she sings in church, things on her hat nod in time with the beat.

dogonart said...

Must give credit to Judy Skeel, the originator of the pattern. Poupee has rather a pained look but I suppose its understandable since she has a penny stuck up her rear. The D's probably think all Canadians are armless and legless..yes, well, perhaps occasionally.

annie1931 said...

Oh quite often, dear dogonart!!

I do agree that Miss BMcQHMD might have the suggested type of hat - her most evocative description made me chuckle. I remember two or three hats like that from the Sunday bus that passed the gospel church near where we lived.

How about Millicent for a name?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Penny is enjoying her stay with the Dollivers. I call my lucky penny doll Lydia because the look on her face and her hair-do reminds me of a Jane Austin novel. Dogonart had so many of them made at our last meeting and they had such different personalities that I had a hard time choosing one. I loved them all!
aka Mrs Noofy

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Dogonart has been so generous with her little babes - like Sue, I had a hard time choosing which one would live with me. So nice to see one of her lovely ladies living with the D's!