Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food ahoy!

That was the cheerful call to the dinner table of someone who nearly became my mother in law.  Good thing she didn't, because she was lovely, but her son was definitely Wrong for Me.  Anyway, today's lunch was very good, so good that I ate it before I thought of a pic,which tells you something.

Chicken breast, pounded flat with a mixture of flour, garam masala, turmeric and black pepper, sauteed quickly in olive oil, with steamed edible pod peas from the farm, and a nice spoonful of onion jam as a condiment. First time I've made onion jam, and it was really good.  The four cups of chopped onion you start with boil and cook and simmer down to about a cup, very good stuff with cheese, or meat or fish or practically anything, if you like onions.

Strawberries for dessert with a sprinkle of sugar.

So now you see why there wasn't time for pictures...also a neighbor stopped by in the middle of the cooking -- I've learned to switch off the burners when he appears at the door --to chat about the cable guy and would I be around when he needed to come, which I will.

And I discovered that one of the open wifi signals I've been picking up for years is his!  this is a good friend, and he was very happy about it, even apologized for the times it loses its connection, hence the visit of the cable guy to fix the wires for the wifi, don't ask me to explain this...but all came out well from the convo.  Imagine being sorry that the signal I was pirating on wasn't up to snuff!! but there are several open signals around here, people being sophisticated about which to close and which don't matter.

Another friend dropped by last night and hearing that my attic fan has broken down, naturally you don't discover this until it's close to 100 degrees in the loft, which is my studio, said, just buy one, and I'll install it. Don't pay anyone to do this, I've done my own and I can do this.  And she has -- she's rewired her own house, not to mention installing appliances and cleaning her own chimney! so I'm in good hands all around.

And people ask me if I plan on moving to an old folks development!  not likely.


  1. Sounds delicious. I'll have to try the Onion jam. Age is just a number. As long as you're feeling OK, ignore those cheeky people and old folks places. I suggest a swift karate chop the next time it is suggested. What a nerve.

  2. I lurve onion jam - best thing since, well sliced bread I suppose. Glad to hear the neighbours are happily helping you out when needed.

    You might be able to teach the oldies a thing or two if you went to a retirement village but I can't see you doing it any time soon, if ever. Cheeky beggars. They obviously don't know you very well.

  3. Would this recipe be similar to yours:

    I love onions. i wouldn't mind giving this a try.


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