Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm posting a little painting/drawing, just a small fantasy, very unlike my usual stuff, and better in here than in the art blog, as a gift to me.

Today I did the last transaction at the bank, closing out the estate account for Handsome Partner. The officer was very nice, and said, oh, this is painful, are you okay? and I was much better after she said that. There are so many endings, and maybe this is the last, and then again, it may not be.

Then a while later, in the library, I bumped into one of my old art students from the years when I taught drawing at the adult school, and had a great catchup chat with him.

The symmetry comes in here: last time I saw him was at the hospital, where I was sadly drinking coffee in the snack place while waiting for the major surgery for Handsome Partner to be done and a verdict given. As we know, the verdict was nice try, but didn't work. His walking was in a lot of doubt.

So both our lives have gone in various directions, and today we came together again by chance. So though he didn't know it,he closed the circle in a way.

so I thought I needed a little present, a totally undemanding bit of playtime, so this little drawing resulted.


  1. I'm so glad you reconnected and got the good part, again.

  2. It must be hard to draw a line under certain aspects of your life, and I guess once you have had all the firsts and lasts, then you can get on with your life. On the surface you appear to be coping well I hope this is the case underneath. Take care of yourself

  3. Gosh, the endings seem to be never-ending. Good to have an understanding official for a change.

    Nice to catch up unexpectedly with someone. I always find it makes any day infinitely better.

    Love your little picture - nice colours.

  4. Do you honestly think this former student bumped into you by chance? Or is it possible he was sent to you? A catch up chat, a pleasant interlude, a closing of a circle. I'm glad you met up with him and enjoyed his companionship. Sending hugs from Cowtown...

  5. Life is filled with unexpected coincidences, I am glad that you had some light to underscore the difficult times.

  6. Good for you for doing something that is just for you on what must have been a downer day. Now the unpleasant 'endings' are at an end, it will be time for happy memories and new beginnings.


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