Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Ds. and the Toilet Paper Caper

I thought I'd got away with not mentioning the plumbing adventures around here to the Dollivers, and nearly did, until they got wind of the President's Correspondents' Dinner this weekend, complete with comic turns, most of them politicians, and fancy duds.

They noted the references to the Veepstakes, as Romney attempts to select a VP candidate for his ticket who is not known for carrying dogs on top of cars,but I did wonder: if he'd been flying the jet that carried the space station around recently, would he have had his dog's crate put on top of the whole thing, but I digress.

Anyway, the Ds. pointed out that the least they could get in this situation was the Teepstakes, aka Toilet Paper Caper. So I heaved a sigh and made the requisite costumes from the aforementioned material. After a brisk struggle for candidate, Michelle got to hold the scissors for the Ribbon Cutting, mainly because she's the one with the Long White Queenly Gloves.

Cutting complete, to the roars of acclaim from the crowds, well, from the Ds. and Elton, the dogs being banned from this ceremony since they'd want to drink from the bowl, the party moved into the bathroom to celebrate, with a piano medley by Elton, complete in his TP hat.

He had evidently taken care in his selections, and gave us first a rousing rendition of My Country 'tis of Thee, which the Ds pointed out is the same tune as the brit national anthem, thereby satisfying both cultures. This was followed by a merry farrago of dance tunes suitable for May Day which is almost upon us, and he noted astutely, would not result in another party with new outfits, may as well seize the day and celebrate now, then Paper Moon, Beautiful Dreamer, and Hey, Hey, The Gang's All Here.

As I left, they were breaking out the beverages, but I thought I needed a rest after all the excitement. The Dollivers insist that you click to enlarge and admire their ingenious new outfits.


  1. Most definitely ingenious. Lucky it didn't rain, oh, they were indoors. Never mind.

  2. You are the funny one! So clever with your hands and the ideas to go with them! Lovely.

  3. First thing that occurred to me was that they wouldn't want to be out in the rain (unless, of course, they have snazzy bathing suits...or at the very least presentable underwear).

  4. I'm VERY late to the party, but I share your joy!


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