Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Walk Alone!

I take a walk every day, at whatever time suits me, all depending on weather and my current state of energy. And it's amazing how many other people insist that they want to come along, because then they'll do it! They want to set up a regular time and walk, and I'm now up to friend number five whom I've had to tactfully duck, because I don't want company when I walk.

It's a walking meditation, a time to think, to get ideas, to just breathe, to go at my own pace, to come home when I've walked enough. Not to chat and trip over other people's dogs, I hate walking with dogs, done enough of it for this lifetime, and if it's the dog's walk that's fine, I'll do it, but if it's my walk, I don't feel called upon. I guess I'm antisocial, at least as far as walking is concerned. But I'm quite nice really, as long as you don't try to tag along.

What I don't get is why if people want to walk every day they don't just do it? just setup a timetable, and do it. It seems as if they need me to carry them along or something. Very puzzling.

Today, the horses were out, nibbling happily in the field around the stables I pass, several fields, strung out along a road, so it's great to catch horses in sight and take their pictures. I stayed in my car across the road this time, because if I go to the fence, they all trot over curiously and want to snuffle at my camera and generally assume that whatever a human brings might be a treat for them, which results in really blurry pictures.

One of them is a rugged individual who likes to eat alone, near the fence, sometimes putting his head through it to eat from the other side. There's a lesson here!

click to enlarge and see my friends better.


  1. Some people seem to be bothered by the fact that we sometimes prefer our own company and our own thoughts. I've never understood that either. I don't want to feel I can't stop and smell the proverbial roses whenever I want!

  2. For me, it's not just someone wanting to come along, it's that person wanting to create a timetable I'd have to adhere to - their timetable! "Let's go shopping..." No, I don't want to shop with other people, looking at the things THEY want to look at, biting my tongue as in "Sorry, but yes, that does make your bum look fat.." I was caught up in that buddy walking thing a few years back, came to resent it, also found myself ducking out. Whatever happened to companionable silence? I agree, a good walk is more than just physical exercise, often best practiced alone. J in Cowtown

  3. Nothing like a bit of one's own company to do a bit of mind/life sorting. I think the "walk with someone else" thing is about "I should be more physically active and if I have someone to go with I'll do it" rather than the type of walk you like to do.They're the sort of people who have trouble motivating themselves.

    Lovely ggs. As I scrolled down the page I thought how clever you were with taking the photo of the grey in two pieces and having them line up so well, then realised it was the fence rail. Great illusion - initially. Well done.


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