Friday, April 27, 2012

You know you've been seeing too many plumbers when...

...when your phone rings, the screen shows it's the plumber, and he starts, hey Liz, howya doin'? meet you over there in ten...

As of even date, all the toilets in the townhouse are not only working just lovely, but they are, get this ADA compliant!!! when I finished laughing about this, the plumber assured me this is Important For People Getting On a Bit...all it means is they're a bit taller than the norm. fine by me, but I wonder if the person also has to be a bit taller than the norm to get the best advantage...I speak as a rather small woman these days.

Funny, when I was 12 I'd reached my adult height, a great big five foot five, and towered over the kids in my class, who all thought of me as a giant. Then gradually they grew, I stood still, and I am now considered really teeny among the true giants I live among. I've taught classes where I practically had to jump up to look people in the eye.

And the other property, speaking of plumbers, which I originally was, now has a new water heater and new washer hoses, nothing wrong with the old ones, but the HOA over there insists on replacing stuff rather frequently, and I figured, what the heck, let's go for another toilet, as well,I'm on a roll here, oh, pun, sorry.

And I guess the plumbers have a couple of boat payments now to play with, oh well. I'll miss their constant visits, but I like to think of them cruising happily around Cape May, fishing.

I've been wondering if I ought to have a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the new bathroom facilities, but that would entail new clothes for Dollivers and ribbon cutting type hats, you know, the sort the Queen wears when she declares bathrooms open and God bless all who, well, sail in them. So I decided to postpone a decision on the ceremony.


  1. God Bless her and all who sail on her. Thanks for my giggle of the day.

  2. Oh boy, you mentioned new get-ups for the D's and I'm pretty sure at least one of them must read your blog. Oh oh.

  3. Yes, maybe a new hat, but not for a dolliver, rather one of those toilet paper roll covers, the kind my auntie used to make, with decorative flowers and grosgrain ribbon around the crown. Given it's the Queen's special year, maybe something like one of her hats, then you could be said to have had a royal flush....oh, pardon my pun, it was awful, I know, J in Cowtown


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