Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sayen Gardens, reprise!

This is the location of the Duelling Brides scene a while ago, and though weddings were imminent while I was strolling around there today, and painting out of doors, I was through before encountering any of the brides.

Lovely time between seasons, early spring now fading, daffodils ending, azaleas starting up, trees leafing out but the canopy is still light enough that a lot of sun gets through. Grandparents hauling little kids around assuring them that they're enjoying this, they are, and no, they may not swim in the lake, just stay on the path, oh now look what he's done, Linda, we'll have to go home for clean clothes now and so on.

I calmed down enough to make a painting, very unusual for me, since usually I'm too blitzed by all the visual stimuli out of doors, but today I did manage a painting. To the accompaniment of friendly passers by saying things like, look, people still DO that, how cute, and what's that woman doing there, oh, I see, that looks like a good idea, wonder if I can try that, etc. And noting that I drank from my water bottle from which I poured drops of water onto my brush, and wondering if I was going to collapse from crayon poisoning maybe.

I suvived anyway,and if you'd like to see the resulting work, go here


  1. What a beautiful garden, with or without brides.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful - nice to see some spring. We still have snow here!

  3. All those blooms! We have some greening going on, but the daffs aren't up yet. Well, they are against a south facing wall, but for the rest of us, no.

    I do like your watercolour technique, and glad you survived crayon poisoning!!

  4. You're definitely way ahead of us. The daffodils and tulips are just now starting and the trees are finally showing a tinge of green (much to the dismay of my allergies).

  5. I'm speechless, except for Oh My.

    I saw these when they were posted, and thought I'd commented but obviously didn't hit the right button. Sometimes Google isn't speaking to me.


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