Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eggs, Parades, Spring, Easter, Hats!

The Dollivers, with Elton and The Dogs, wish all our blogistas a Happy Easter, a good Passover, Happy Spring and Happy Opening Day (for baseball enthusiasts). After their Easter parade,
among the daffodils HS and I planted last Fall in honor of Handsome Partner, to show off their new hats and dresses, they retired to the living room, and set up with Marigold and Duncan as an appreciative if puzzled audience
where they showed off this year's official eggs
and the general collection.
Elton and The Dogs had new finery, too, to match the Ds., and Elton played away the weekend with renditions of Easter Parade, Who Let the Dogs Out, and gave a nice recitative of When Aprille with his shoures sweet, the beginning of the Canterbury Tales, no idea he knew it, just goes to show, then he indulged his group with a chorus of How Much Is That Doggie in the Window, which they barked along more or less on key. The Ds were too busy diving into eggs to participate. As they say, once the dresses are settled, the food is the main event.


  1. Flowers! Green grass! Blossoming trees! Our snow is melting, we are a long way off from Spring as you know it. Thanks for the pics, fills us with hope - J in Cowtown

  2. Pretty new duds - love the millefiore type fabric - and beautiful eggs.

  3. Delightful! I too love the fabric and the eggs.

  4. I'm surprised that the D's actually agreed to have semi-matching finery for Easter - they do look pretty spiffy in their new duds. Beautiful eggs too!


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