Friday, April 20, 2012

What I do in my spare time...

Aside from all the usual woes of home ownership and maintenance, including a frantic call from the local tax office to say I forgot to sign my check, and they're sorry, their staff missed it too, and can I come in and sign it, and on and on, and daily stuff, and the art commitments I seemed to be buried under, I also have free time, and thanks to the embroiderers' group, I have a nice restful project to work on then!

This is the first pre-designed thing I've ever done, kindly drawn out for everyone in the group, onto the canvas, and with access to all kinds of wonderful needlepoint yarn. So I decided that my turtle was a great chance to try out all kinds of stitches -- this is also the largest mesh I ever worked in, it's all a learning time -- something different happening in each division on the shell. Officially this is supposed to end up being a pillow, but I have other thoughts about it. Meanwhile, I'm plying my size 22 (huge compared to the needle I used to use for miniature needlework) needle and having a very nice time. It's so undemanding, unlike original art, and just the ticket for sitting by the window for an hour zoning out while the radio chats on.

For more serious stuff, though it may not seem so, I have a couple more drawings in Art the Beautiful Metaphor, for which go here


  1. that looks interesting, I like how each shell section will be different. Always good to have a different challenge. Have a good weekend

  2. I wait with baited breath to see what your "other thoughts" are. Look slike fun.

  3. I know I'm going to love your turtle project. The colours are spectacular (so far) and I really like the idea of using different stitches. A sampler of sorts.

  4. C'est un exercice intéressant, le début d'une collection de points.


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