Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Socked in

When I joined or rejoined various groups in the last few months, since I've once again been free to, I didn't quite realize that these monthly meetings might now and then all collide in the first few days of the month.

But if the calendar wills it,my first Sunday embroiderers come right before the first Monday evening artists, who are right after my Monday afternoon recorder friends, the day before my second Tuesday recorder society,which in turn is the day before my second Wednesday book group which barely ends before my Wednesday stitch in with the embroiderer buds starts. It was all supposed to be spread out a bit more than this. And now I have three commitments all falling over each other on the same Sunday in May. I have to learn once again to juggle. And here I thought I had it all neatly organized to avoid pressure and all that. Oh well.

Meanwhile, the other kind of socking has been going on, as I use some of the cashmere I harvested from the thrift store sweater to make a nice pair of socks. The white yarn is acrylic, best for heels and toes since it doesn't wear out as soon as you glance at it, unlike cashmere. But in order not to look like a sock monkey,I added in irregular stripes.

Here's Sock One in progress:

And in action:

Keen observers will note that the cashmere has not been steamed and dekinked. Longtime blogistas will vividly remember the endless banging on I did about my first Yarn Harvest,how the poor peasant washed and hung the fibers and tested and checked until finally they were mature, neat and ready for knitting.

That was before the poor peasant realized that once the new knitting was done,the degree of kink in the yarn was so imperceptible as not to be worth fretting over, despite the great photo ops the official Hanging of the Yarn presented, so nowadays I just unravel, wind and knit. And I don't think anyone has recoiled at my scarves and purses and other such items, probably because they know they won't get any more if they do..


  1. Very frustrating when the things we want to do compete for the same place on the calendar. Can be very tiring too. Nice snuggly looking socks Liz and very neat heels.

  2. Your knitting and art of all sorts is beautiful. J in Cowtown

  3. It's such a bother when the things you most enjoy end up overlapping. I guess the old short-straw routine might work? Nice socks, btw.


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