Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Opening Day!

The farm's opening day,first day to pick up CSA shares, was today, and to celebrate the day, the farm decided that strawberries and asparagus were a good start to the year.

My half share was a big punnet of wonderful strawberries, all perfect, smelling of heaven, and a double handful of fresh picked asparagus. I bit the top off one, and it's just as green tasting and great as it it supposed to be. Strawberries will always be a poignant reminder of Handsome Partner whose favorite fruit it was. Smelling it as I hulled and rinsed them was full of memories of all the years he's been so happy to be presented with a bowl of fresh picked farm strawberries, which he used to say was both his favorite color and best flavor.

The rainy weather kept the Ds from taking part in the ritual pickup, but there are 24 more weeks to go. So they posed on the bushel basket my half share comes in and decided this would be a nice summer home, until I broke it to them that it goes back to the farm next week, to be replaced by another, which will in turn be replaced, and so on, so we don't get to do the country decor on the basket.

Miss Avis Lydia Poupee, a new ALP to join the Ds, has been officially taken over by Bette Davis, who decided that her superior expression was just right to go with an aging diva, they would understand each other, and commiserate with each other over being reduced to living in a basket.

ALP was up to that point not impressed with her accommodations after traveling internationally to get here, where was her dressing room with the star on the door? her dresser? but now she can grumble along with Bette and they'll compare press notices. The other Ds are happy to let them get on with that, as long as they can have their best profiles in here.


  1. Very hard to beat freshly picked strawberries. Can't say the same about asparagus myself but DH would agree with you. We saw American strawberries in our local fruit shop over the weekend. Way too expensive and I dare say the travel time will have affected their quality somewhat. Enjoy.

  2. We see US strawberries all year but it's one fruit I never buy till our own Ontario ones come to the supermarkets. If we don't get decent rain this summer, there'll be a dearth.

    The Dollivers are looking very smart these days!

  3. Looking at your pic I can smell those strawberries, memories of our kids at the U Pick places in Ontario. We'd pick all morning, they'd eat as many as they picked, I believe, and I'd make strawberry jam as soon as we returned home. That jam was shared with many friends and neighbours, a taste of summer in the middle of winter. Here in Canada's west, we get strawberries from the U.S. The flavour doesn't come close to fresh picked but we eat and enjoy them all the same. Here's a big thank you to Mother Nature for beautiful and delicious fruits and veggies. J in Cowtown

  4. And I should have included the farmers in my big thank you for fruits and veggies. Last evening we had the most wonderful fresh cabbage, steamed, still so green after cooking. I am not generally a fruit person, though U Pick strawberries and autumn apples were the exception. Does anyone know whether there is a genetic basis for preferring savoury to sweet, generally? Wishing good eats to you all, J in Cowtown

  5. mmmm - we had asparagus for supper tonight cooked with a teeny bit of garlic and butter just for a few minutes. Yummy!! No local strawberries yet, but we've had several boxes imported from the US while the kids were here (including a fresh strawberry pie).


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