Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pizzelle! no,not a new pet

My friend and supercook, MC, who is divesting her mother's house of many many items now that they've moved to retirement living, presented me with some wonderful things this week.

One was dinner at her house, HS and I guests, always an event, in mid afternoon on Sunday. It was like a Thanksgiving type of invitation, wonderful food and company,and how imaginative. This is how she is, no surprise there!

As we ate dessert, pumpkin pudding with pizzelles to go with she mentioned that she was planning on offering me her mom's pizzelle iron. Aside from the fact that this is a really nice thing, it's also a link to earlier generations who made these, and what a treat for me to learn. She also gave me any number of tips, some of which I remembered, and put post-its on the iron itself to remind me of a thing or two.

So this morning was the Great Pizzelle Caper, and after struggling with the first few dismal failures, involving removing bits from the iron and starting over. And over -- see the tinfoil dish of failed bits, still delicious to eat, but oh well, not very recognizable -- I finally managed some that actually look right, if a little shaky, and taste very good. I added lemon juice to the batter dough, and really like the flavor.

But I must admit there were a few moments when I thought I would have to attend Pizzelle School to get into this, until, oh look, there are two that actually look okay! yay. Surge of confidence followed. So now I have a cookie container with a supply of pizzelle, very timely since I have company for tea on Thursday.

And I have the beginnings of a new set of kitchen skills. Not to mention that the iron is heavy enough to squash down one of the giant loaf things the Two Fat Ladies make, no more substituting cans as weights...a multipurpose kitchen appliance.

In the midst of this excitement a neighbor, good cook himself came in, and said, well they smell great, and I guess it's like crepes, you have to develop a touch, looking at my bumpy creations as he spoke...then he set to work and fixed my front door, installing the new latch I've had in the bag for ages. Wouldn't let me pay him, though it's his line of work, but borrowed my mat cutter in lieu.


  1. I have just looked up pizzelle on the 'net as I have never heard of them. They sound delicious and yours look pretty good. If I ever make it to NJ I shall be inviting myself for tea consisting of at least a Two Fat Ladies sandwich and pizzelle to follow.

  2. They look good.
    Glad about the latch.

  3. I second Minimiss, sounds yum! Hurray for new skills.

  4. Yum! I'll be right over for tea and a taste test of those cookies. I can almost smell them from here.


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