Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Afternoon in the Studio

I've been talking with various people about possible volunteering using my art, ranging from Brownies and Daisies to assisted living residents, and came home all fired up to do stuff for myself, too!

Since it's the season of having made a few gifts, it's also the season of needing to wrap them. So I got a bunch of white tissue paper, and played at stamping and stenciling and sponging to decorate them, and dug out an old roll of kraft paper I designed up years ago and which will now find a use. What a luxury to be able to just work in the studio on the third floor without worrying about what was happening two floors down and running up and down to check.

The volunteer opportunities are still in flux, until I feel more sure about them, but meanwhile, the gift wrapping paper is uh, a wrap! now to go in search of my stash of ribbons all the better to tie them with.


  1. Nice wrappings - far too pretty to have someone throw away once they've opened their gift. I hope they are at least recycled.

  2. Getting studio time uninterrupted must be such a pleasure when you don't have to keep your eyes and ears open elsewhere. Enjoy!


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