Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving wishes on their way...

On the grounds that some of our blogistas are already into Thursday where they live, and a lot of them don't celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow anyway, and under great pressure from the Dollivers and the Little Dolls, not to mention the Animals, wild and tame, and the Tinies, we present our ta-daaah Thanksgiving Wishes Parade for your pleasure and enlightenment.

Leading our parade are the animals, with Olivier the puppy keeping up staunchly despite being in the company of lions and other scary hanimals that eat puppies

Then the Tinies organized themselves, not without some discord and pushing and falling down and getting up again

The Little Dolls, old hands at the photo game, organized their act with almost no stage management, which was just as well, since the racket from the Dollivers' dressing room was enough to scare a wild turkey.

Enter the Dollivers, in hats (the two new big hats courtesy of MC's grandmother, who would probably be astonished to see them here, and wonder why Boud isn't out there working with the pizzelle iron) appearing left to right: Call me Michelle, Blondie Firstborn, Hey Name Me, Dreads, and finally Bette Davis Clone. Marigold declined to be in the picture, since she's on the outs with Duncan just now.

Fluffy Sheba declined to be in any picture containing other cats, my dear, but we all wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And for those blogistas for whom it's well, just a Thursday, we wish you a very happy Thursday in November!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family my friend. One day I might get to celebrate one (sigh).

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Liz, hanimals, dolls of all stripe! xoxo


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