Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Garter snakes, snow geese and northward migration of packages

Dollivers assisting with packaging for friends in Calgary. Much dialog here about push it in, it won't GO in, push harder, you yarnarms, it is going out TODAY...and they did eventually manage to get the two little packages into the envelope and they are now on their way northwest to Calgary.

After that I took a meditative walk on the Preserve, marveling at the total disappearance of the snow and ice, mild day by comparison, even saw a little garter snake dancing about in the grass in the sunshine. And, on the lake, among 17,235 Canada geese (The Two Fat Ladies, those tv cooks, say why don't we solve the problem by eating them, but I digress) was a single lovely snow goose.

We see them briefly each year as they rest on their migration, sometimes a single one as today sometimes a whole mob of them sitting at rest on a nearby field, where I buy my vegetables in season. You'll drive by and realize the entire field is covered in white bodies all peaceful, all facing the same way, all resting. Then next time you pass they're all gone. Once in a while we catch a skein of them high up in the sky, usually migrating in sunny weather, the light shining on their white bodies and the little flash of black on their wingtips.

No Preserve pictures today, just walking and thinking and enjoying the sunshine and feeling so lucky that I can walk this far just for pleasure and come home to a cup of tea, Irish Breakfast, courtesy of HS who gave me the box a couple of days ago, and resume the knitting of the toe-up sock, which is now ankle high, I having navigated the heel this morning.

My Girl Scout Gold Award winner stopped in to say thank you for the help, such a dear kid. I'm invited to her Sweet Sixteen birthday party in December, and her mother warned me it will be LOUD!! big group, at a local restaurant, DJ, the lot. There may be Indian dancing --I will be one of very few if any non-Indian people there, so I will look pretty drab among the saris and other exotic and sparkly outfits. There will be pictures there, though.


  1. I'd just sent you an e-mail about All Soul's this evening in our parish, then thought I'd visit your blog, cracked me right up!!! I hope the Dollivers are not sending us your bad weather - we're supposed to have 6 cms. (that would be 2 1/2 inches in your parlance) of snow by Friday. "Periods of snow", to keep up all day long...Yarn arms indeed...(still giggling) - J in Cowtown

  2. Definitely an interesting blog post title! I'm actually quite surprised that the D's didn't try to crawl into the package themselves.

  3. Best take the ear-plugs to the party.


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