Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dollivers to the Rescue

The Ds., noting the sadness around here, announced that a spot of gardening might be good for everyone, because if Boud's cheerful, there might be new holiday outfits for Ds.

So we cut the dead chrysanthemum foliage, now that a killing frost has finished the flowering, and hauled it out to the trees

to become ground cover for small animals and eventually compost.

And attended to the rescued plants and clippings from our friendly gardener next door, who brings his plants over for a plant clinic now and then. The tradescantia needed severe pruning before it croaked,you know how it is with trad., gets longer and longer and all the nice leaves are at the end and all the dead stuff is in the pot. So the plant went home with him and some clippings stayed with me to see if I can start new plants for him if the current one doesn't make it.

And the christmas cactus was dug up and thrown about by squirrels when he put it outside for a while, so some of it is in rehab here and I suggested how to replant the more promising bits, the ones with buds on them, and those went home with him. We pulled out the dead foliage from his daylilies, too, and he was quite surprised at the take no prisoners way I do this -- they're tough, they manage fine.

Also back there is the section of begonia that got knocked off when the cleaners were here, and which they carefully put in a vase for me to replant, nice of them, since I'd never have known if they'd tossed it, also the coleus is a refugee from the frost, a self planted one out on the patio, and the other begonia is from the clippings I took from the plant the wrens nested in, in case that plant didn't make it.

It did, and now I have at least three thriving begonia plants going. The aloe over there on the right was sent as a babe from a friend, since no kitchen I work in can be without it, sovereign remedy for the burns I inflict on myself every time I open the oven, no matter how many mitts and cloths and holders I use, and now it has grandchildren here in the pot, with great grands starting, too.

All in all, good work in the fresh air catching the last good days of fall between the rainy cold ones. Life is much better when you do this.


Minimiss said...

It must have been the weekend for things gardening. DH planted up our hanging baskets and put in tomatoes and I repotted a couple of poor indoor plants that were just about at their wit's end from my terrible care. Fingers crossed they survive. Good luck with your cutting intensive care ward.

Anonymous said...

Your autumn lasts longer than ours - we are already into winter weather (cold, snow and ice) and have been for a while. Good for you that you were able to save some plants. J in Cowtown

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's good to see the D's being industrious - or where they just plain getting in your way? No matter - being outside is good.