Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun with Two Fat Ladies

With one of their recipes, to be exact. That stuffed loaf recipe, for which they used red meat and mushrooms, but I used chicken and mushrooms. I hollowed out

half of a fresh loaf of my homebaked bread(unlike Jennifer, I didn't plunge in and tear it out into rags, but cut so that I have slices which I can use as bread, never ever waste homebaked bread), kept an end slice to use as a lid, and set to work with the stuffing. If I were serving more people I'd have used a whole loaf, but for me, half is plenty.

Chicken thighs, with garam masala, turmeric, onions, all sizzling and near caramelizing, then the chicken is added in with a little bit of salt, in one pan, while sliced mushrooms with olive oil and a few homegrown oregano leaves cooked down in the other. Kept all the juices from both pans and packed the stuff into the bread.

Some chicken and mushrooms left over for another purpose. Then put the lid on the bread

wrapped and taped it firmly in tinfoil, then in a kitchen cloth, then put the handy heavy weights on it that you saw on the counter when I showed you the hollow loaf, and went out to do errands.

Back an hour later, ravenous for lunch, sandwich now flattened, but still warm, juices all distributed, flavors likewise, sliced one part of it (saved the rest for other meals, this is very filling stuff)

and with a big glass of cold seltzer, homemade chocolate pudding for dessert, ahhh. It's good to be Queen.


  1. oh damn that looks gooood

    Nice to see you don't waste your bread innards, either.

    I have one small loaf of bread left from last winter, in the freezer, and some thighs. I may have to try this. Oh, shoot, I DO have to try this. Looks like wonderful winter food...

  2. Yummm! Pics so good I could almost taste a slice.


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