Friday, November 11, 2011

Toys for Boys

The starlings are in full fall mobbing mode this week. A tree full of them

and a crowd of them in the sky.

A moment after these pictures were taken, there was a mass invasion of the patio by hungry birds rocking the feeder and tearing at the suet, until brave Marigold charged the window and scattered them all.

Meanwhile, the other fall activity, tearing up the sidewalks for no apparent reason, goes on. Toys for Boys, I always think, when I see guys stomping importantly about, swinging loaders and back hoes

and racketing about in trucks

and failing to put up enough detour signs so that people can figure out how to get home, to wit, the backup of traffic here

which would normally make this turn, wondering, hm, now what?

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  1. Love the "toys for boys" comment.
    The Starlings were here en masse a couple of weeks ago, landing, covering everything in sight black and then, on some mysterious internal signal, took flight, hundreds of them and not one collision. Amazing.


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