Tuesday, December 1, 2015

White Rabbits and other serious matters, including Izzy Dolls

 Since today is the start of my natal month, I decided to take my own advice to other people: celebrate yourself for the whole month.  And I thought, ha, here's a good start, after the White Rabbits ceremony, that is.

What I'd really like any or all blogistas to do, if you are interested in taking part in the Birthday Caper, is to consider making a few comfort dolls, the kind I made years ago and sent to Willie at ICROSS Canada.  It would be a gift to me, just to know it's happening. 

Here's a blurry, old pic, ancient camera long ago, of a few of the ones I made and sent to ICROSS Canada

 They are simple enough that beginning knitters can make them -- the shaping all happens after you've knitted and stuffed the doll -- and they are great fun to make, just a few inches high, right size for a little kid in need of a comfy doll to hold. using small amounts of yarn.   I like to make the faces a range of colors, too, to include all the groups of children we can.

Right now Canada is getting ready for an influx of child refugees from Syria, and the comfort doll is one thing that would be nice for kids tossed all over by political struggles they have no part in, to have on arrival.  

Or you can make and send to Willie at ICROSS. Or to the parent people in Canada, info in one of the links below.  And it doesn't have to be international shipping: you might find a local cause that might like them -- some police departments like to give these to kids they come across in crime situations. And even teens are not above liking them.

Whatever you feel like doing, please do that, singing Happy Birthday to Liiiiiz as you knit...or maybe not.  But here are the links you need to get under way:



Either or both links will give you enough to be going on with.  And it was a Raveler who reminded me of this little doll, also known as the Izzy doll, and I will credit her if I can find her name anywhere. Any other raveler who knows, chime in, and I'll update!

And thank you all!   Hippo Birdies to the Great Me!

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  1. This is a great thing to get involved in! I will post a link on my blob next week too. Enjoy your birth - day month to the fullest!


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