Friday, December 25, 2015

Xmas Day Anticipation!

Just stopping in briefly, before the cooking gets under way -- menu I take care of is:  rock cornish game hen, squash, corn, peas, chestnut stuffing, mushroom stuffing, cranberry jelly and sauce, baked potato with yogurt or butter, from my part.  Actually, written out that way it sounds pretty good.Handsome Son brings the hors d'oeuvres, eggnog, and dessert.

Morning of greetings, via text and twitter, great fun, couple of old friends planning to visit in the next few days, and here's the stage set:  

the cheese board/tea table waiting its occupants, notice the new gifted Indian tablecloth, I love it, will use it all the time, thank you K! 

and the dining table, with its Greek cloth, not new, but nice, with napkins, all embroidered white on white,  waiting for the board to start groaning and the sparkling white wine to be opened. You can see a bit of the kitchen bustle through the pass through.

Merry Day to you all!  if you are celebrating Friday of a long weekend, merry that, too!


  1. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Boud! Looks like the kitty put down her book to mull over the contents for a while :)

  2. Happy Christmas to you too, Boud. Hope you have a lovely day and best wishes for 2016. xxxx

  3. Sounds like a festive Christmas for all. Beautiful cat too.
    Have a Happy New Year and be safe.


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