Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More no-cost home improvements!

The old recliner is now history.  It served me well through the caregiving years, many brief naps without leaving Handsome Partner alone, my feet up, great relief!  and I was about the sixth owner of this once expensive item.  But the mechanism was failing, the footrest sort of jerking around unexpectedly, nuts and bolts falling off, and it was ready for the great showroom in the sky.

Neighbor and the son of the original donor lugged it out to be picked up, and now that corner was in need of some rethinking.  Meanwhile, some reorg at son's home resulted in a few items ending up here, including a giant basket thing, which turned out to fit the giant aglaonema, so I took it off its stand (borrowed for the winter from next door patio, due to return in Spring), and set it in the corner. 

Liking this a lot.  

And the stand became the concert platform for Elton whose fan club clustered all over it and the piano, bringing their dogs with them.  Greensleeves isn't boycotting them, just getting a break after days of being jumped on by dogs.

Once again frugality rules! a cheap sweep!

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  1. Recliner demise must be catching. DH had to get a new one after a couple of years of sinking further and further into the floor and suffering an alarming tilt to the starboard and much shedding of internal organs. Funny - he can sleep in the new one just as well as the old!


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