Friday, December 18, 2015

Return of the Dollivers. With livestock.

So here we are again, as usual at this season, everything's left to us Dollivers to attend to.  What with Boud moaning all this time about her arm and her birthday (you'd think she'd had enough of them by now, but nooooo), and nobody giving a thought to us, waiting to get into our festive kit. 

Well, we took it into our own yarny hands and organized a thing or two.  Speaking of which, if we had a problem with an arm, we'd get Boud to just knit us a new one.  But she hasn't thought of that for her own arm, so typical.

Anyway, we broke out the red dresses, including the tinies who actually never got out of them from last year, so tickled with them, with our Dolliver Kennels Champions in attendance, plus Greensleeves, sporting a new gold bow for the occasion, and Elton.  

He refuses to give up his sweater and hat. He's afraid that the bear will come and reclaim them.  So we made a Dolliver Tree, as you see, with Blondie Firstborn, of course, grabbing the top position.  And the Irish Setter jumping up on Greensleeves, he's incorrigible, note the big word. You can't really see the ornaments on the ficus, which plays the part of a fir at this season, Boud being wildly allergic to the real thing

And Boud put out the creche with two babies, what's that about, is one an understudy? one is in the creche and the other couldn't even get a place in there, talk about hardship, and other characters, plus various animals.  Nobody knows how the dancing clock got in.

And since the temps have been in the 70s lately, the sparkly yarn is the nearest we've come to snow, but that's fine anyway.

So finally we get to wish you happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate, happy days and a good New Year. Actually we'll be back before New Year, but just in case, we thought we'd put that in.

And Elton serenades us out with O Christmas Tree, The First Noel (good job there is one, though, otherwise his name would be Eton and who wants that), and Silent Night, at which point Boud rudely commented that that would be the day in this house...and Deck the Halls, which we already did.

We don't plan to get Blondie Firstborn down for a while, in case you wondered.  And this transmission was interrupted as we all listened up for the sirens and bells and whistles and Santa riding past the end of the street on a firetruck! hope he remembers that yarny people like presents, too.  

Maybe a whole new approach to dresses could happen..don't tell Boud we said that, or she'll start up with we have such a lot already, the little dolls in other countries would love to have all our clothes, and maybe she'll send them off, and other such dangerous ideas.

But we were happy about the bears she knitted and sent off a while back, and the Izzy dolls she made, and now the ones that some of her readers are busy on. That's good.



  1. you have some incorrigible dollivers there (dont tell them I said so) and a bit outspoken, I see. And yes, hysterically funny. Don't tell them I said that, either. I think they have enough ego right now. Merry Christmas to all of them, and save a bit for yourself too

  2. It wouldn't be Christmas if the D's didn't put their two cents in. Fun!

  3. I was wondering whatever had happened to the Dolliver clan! Glad to see them celebrating Christmas and bedecked in their best bib and tucker for the occasion.


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