Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Out of season flowering

The warm weather and rain have brought out flowering cherry trees, out of season, and some bulbs are coming up. Forsythia is trying to flower, and my herbs have taken on a new lease of life. The pot of oregano is booming and the parsley huge, while the mints are taking off yet again.

Strange pictures for the end of December! the spring flowering cherries at the end of the street are putting in an encore performance



  1. I am growing concerned about the amount of damage my poultry may be doing to the roots and embryonic shoots of perennials that are usually safe under frozen ground at this time of year. Fingers crossed there will be flowers coming up next year!

  2. Did your snow arrive yet? That might rescue the flowers.

  3. Where do you live? Here in Kentucky it is unseasonable warm too. I have some hanging pots with new growth and tryin to bloom. But nothing like that. Now the freezing is coming in for a few days then the 50's again. Hate to see what going to happen to the vegetation if weather doesn't straighten soon.

  4. Central NJ. When we have a period like this, the Spring flowers are worn out and we don't get much of a show in Spring.


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