Thursday, December 10, 2015

Catnip Capers

So an interesting little package arrived today, early for Christmas, from friend K., who is evidently way ahead of the game on organization this year, and in it there was, . as well as one of the few interesting Christmas letters and great selfie card,  a parcel for the human, and one for the kitties, courtesy of Buddha, the Malinoisx.

I set the parcels on  the counter while I did some other stuff in the kitchen, and the first thing I knew was a plaintive cry from kitty Duncan, paw stuck under the toaster oven on top of the counter, this is the kitty who officially can't jump.  And on investigating found that the kitty package is stuck under there along with his paw.

Retrieved that and found that the ribbon is who knows where, the wrapping paper is a masticated heap, and the coveted contents, the best catnip, now has tooth holes in the package.  Marigold is highly involved at this stage, too, till Duncan boots her off.  I figured it was safer to put the nip and what was left of the wrapping on the floor, to save falls when they get spacy.

 This stuff is the BEST

 Spacy?  nah, I always look like, uh, what was I saying there..

 I know it was all here a minute ago..

I explained about the Christmas embargo, on till next Tuesday, and he explained in return that cats know not of embargoes, since every day is Catmas.  Which is a point.  Good thing I have the self control to restrict myself to sniffing my package, squeezing it, shaking it, holding it up to the light, and deciding I am further up the foodchain than the kitties, can leave it till the Proper Time.  There.

But I already had a great seasonal entertainment watching Duncan and Marigold going totally apecat over their early Christmas. Thanks for a great floor show, K and Buddha!


  1. isnt it wonderful to see how different cats react, much like humans with booze--and we get to see the show =)

  2. The catnip was a hit. I wonder how it would go over in a long sock from the thrift store?

  3. Or in one of my many handknit socks, now worn out at the heel from walking. Yes, that would work. Thanks for the idea!


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