Monday, December 28, 2015

Update on closet adventures

More adventures in the clothes closet today.

I tried to remove the shelf, found that two decades of being in place on an outer wall had swollen it to the point where I'd have to saw it to get it out. Not up for that.  And it was too low for the unit to slide under.  So I removed screws and nails and hit it happily from underneath with the rubber mallet until it let go and moved up a bit.

Then I was able to slide the assembled unit thing into place, and stock it with clothes.  The snug fit under the shelf is good for keeping it stable, too.

And I managed to get all the computer bits and components happily transferred, working, and easy to get at, in fact easier than on a computer station.  So all is well.  It's also another of those lifetime supply ideas.  Not doing this again.

And the prospective car buyer, or Tappit Guy, is coming Wed a.m. to see about it. Meanwhile I did my homework on what to do when you sell a car privately, more work for buyer than seller, and will go get the title tomorrow from the safe deposit where it rests with all kinds of useless pieces of paper. It's time I reviewed what's in there anyway.

So I need to see how to orchestrate all this now.  I fancy keeping my plates for the next vehicle, battered as they are, since, frankly, they're how I find my car! bad enough losing my car in parking lots all the time, without even having a familiar plate to look for. 

If the buyer isn't up for it, I'll trade in.  But I will do a bit better selling than trading.  And this is all taking place at warp speed, to do the statutory Star Wars nod...

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