Monday, November 30, 2015

Work of nature, best artist

Noticed this on the way in to the library to stop and chat and generally bother friend Carol Q. the director, soon to be retired, and delighted with it!  perfect work of nature, the fungus, not Carol, though she's not so bad either, look at that design, the fungus, not Carol.  This belongs in Beautiful Metaphor, too, come to think of it. I believe it's growing on an old remains of a tree.

But, having made plans with Carol for art and craft related expeditions once she's got free days, that's next spring,  I set off for the doctor's office to find out what's up with my arm. 

After she moved it hither and yon, noting at what points I screamed, she said, hm, this is bursitis in your shoulder.  What have you done for it up to now? so I recited the things that didn't work, Aleve, and the things that did, Advil and meditation, and she suggested a quick cortisone shot to clear it up fast.  Which would have been good if the cortisone doctor had been able to fit me in before another eight which time it may have resolved on its own, but we'll see.  If not, I'll get it done.

It does feel like the ailment of a wimp, though, after a mere painting of a kitchen, installation of insulation, and two backsplashes along with various other physical jobs involving chucking heavy stuff around the garden and the studio.  And all the plans for painting the laundry area, and making yeah many artworks for next year to exhibit.  Not to mention carrying the Dollivers about loaded down with jewels.

Oh well. I guess I'm no longer 40, though it does come as a surprise. In spirit, I'm perfectly capable of continuing to paint and reno, and all that.  But perhaps I have to pace it just a little.  Well, we'll see about that, too... in fact the pacing has started. Instead of ordering kitty litter, which I have to carry up a flight of stairs, in 28 lb boxes, I've ordered it in 19 lb boxes. So that's a start. 



  1. Those boxes of litter, I swear, are all mis-marked, by the time I get them up the stairs to where the cats boxes are, they must weigh at least 45 pounds...

    Im always surprised when I see my age next to my name and for a minute think, wait a minute, is that ME? nah.

  2. Wimp?? I think not!! Please take it a little easier at least until the shoulder is feeling better. My mother has just had a cortisone shot in her hip and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and well it worked.


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