Saturday, November 7, 2015

Flatbreads and Flours, it's a grind! 6WS

Today I was out of ideas for lunch and remembered Mark Bittman's flatbread idea, for using wholegrains.  So I figured this was a good way to use some of my split pea flour, ground in the coffee grinder at home, and to roast some vegetables at the same time, to put on top like a pizza of some kind.  The corn and broccoli went in about 15 minutes before the bread was done, also in a castiron pan, don't know how I ever managed without them.

I had forgotten how filling this flour is.  One quarter of this pizza was plenty for now.  So it made four meals rather than the two I'd thought of.  Seen here before cheese arrives

and after.

And, since the flatbread takes 45 minutes (hot oven, 450F) I seized the moment and since I'd already got the split pea flour out, organized the flour part of the fridge, cleaned the shelf and got up to date on grinding various items that have been waiting to turn into flour.  

I add these into breads, pancakes, other sorts of baked goods, and they're interesting.  Here, posing left to right, chickpeas, oats at back, red lentils in front, barley, and almond flour.  I also make walnut flour and just now realized I'd forgotten it. The red lentils look lovely ground, like a tropical beach.

I do keep some of the items whole, in case I want to cook with them, not wishing to have to go out and find lentils because all mine are now flour, guess how I found this out.  And always this kind of thing stays in the fridge or the freezer, because you never know when a critter will appear in it.  Enough strife with squirrels outside without inviting tiny cousins indoors.

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  1. Just yesterday I was thinking about chickpea flour flatbread - thanks for the inspiration. Perfect timing!


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