Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre Thanksgiving Turkey Dance

So here's the stage set for the Turkey Roulade caper.  The idea is to bone the turkey thigh, and roll it with a savory stuffing, tie it with string, roast, then slice it for serving.  

Boning was a first for me, also tying with string, and I was surprised that I was able to do it. Twice.  Two legs, that is.

The stuffing is all about sausage, mushrooms, egg, rosemary, thyme, breadcrumbs, red onions and garlic, quite fun to do, but I'm glad I'm not trying this on the day.  Took much longer than the recipe happily indicated.  Recipe written by an experienced chef, with hot and cold running sous-chefs, I'm guessing. And it turned out that there was a lot of leftover stuffing, which will be frozen for future adventures of this kind. You can stuff chicken breasts this way, it might even give them some flavor.

 So here's the product, resting seam side down, with a sprig of rosemary on one, thyme on the other, from my garden, and now resting in the fridge, to roast tomorrow.  I suspect that this is the kind of thing that's interesting and exciting to do once, but once might be a lifetime supply. Like tiling a floor.

And I have a list of items so as not to forget anything for the groaning board.  I often forget something interesting and the groaning is coming from the cook when that happens.  All the veggies are from the farm, always a happy point.

So Happy Thanksgiving, however you celebrate it, and if you don't have a special day tomorrow, Happy Thursday anyway!

And just so it's not all about food, I always remember you, dear blogistas, with great thankfulness that you're there and reading and enjoying and responding and adding more than you can know to my life!


  1. Happy T'Day, Liz. I just know your feast will be special.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Liz. I,m hosting my book club tomorrow eve so I'll have everyone raise their teacup in honour (honor?) of our neighbours (neighbors?) festive day.

  3. mmmm - this sounds like it will/would be delish!!


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